City lowers speed limit after car hits, kills woman in Tower Grove -

City lowers speed limit after car hits, kills woman in Tower Grove

(KMOV) - Just over a month ago, a 62-year old woman was struck and killed near Tower Grove Park. At the time we sent crews to the scene at Klemm and Magnolia and within minutes shot video of several cars running or rolling through the stop sign near where the woman was killed.

The city of St. Louis has now decreased the speed limit on Magnolia Avenue from 30 mph to 25 in response to what happened. Several residents tell News 4 cars still speed and run that stop sign though regardless. We went to the city to ask if anything could be done about it.

We saw 3 cars, one right after the other drive right through the intersection of Magnolia and Klemm. Unfortunately, we saw a metro bus do the same thing.  
The speed limit on Magnolia Avenue is now 25 miles an hour. When Roberta Haynes was hit and killed, the speed limit was 30. Now there's even extra officers in the neighborhood.
Residents say they're happy to see more police cars; they just dont know that it's making a difference.
One resident tells News 4, "theres an officer who parks in front of my truck and waits and anytime he sees anyone rolling through, he pulls them over right there."
Some residents say they think the best solution would be to put a crosswalk there. So, we took that suggestion to the St. Louis City Streets Department.
Todd Waelterman with the city of St. Louis says people need to play by the rules.  This mean driving the speed limit and stopping at the stop sign. His hope is that decreasing the speed limit will get people to slow down.  He also says the city is in fact looking into putting a crosswalk there.
The St. Louis City Police Department tells News 4 have been 2 accidents at that intersection in the last 5 years. 

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