Lawsuit filed against Missouri police initiative -

Lawsuit filed against Missouri police initiative

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The top officers of the St. Louis Police Officers' Association have filed a challenge to a potential 2012 ballot measure granting St. Louis and Kansas City local control of their police departments.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in Cole County contends the summary and financial estimate that would appear on the statewide ballot are unfair and misleading.

Unlike in most cities, St. Louis and Kansas City police currently are overseen by boards consisting largely of gubernatorial appointees. St. Louis officials have been pushing to gain control over their police, although Kansas City officials have not.

It's unclear whether the proposed initiative actually will make the 2012 ballot. The Missouri House has passed a separate measure that would give St. Louis control over its police without a statewide referendum. That effort is stalled in the Senate.

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