Shoeman ends Hazelwood Girl Scout cookie controversy, for now -

Shoeman ends Hazelwood Girl Scout cookie controversy, for now

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

The Hazelwood Cookie Controversy drew a huge response from News 4 viewers.  Many wanted to help Abigail and Caitlin Mills after the city of Hazelwood shut down their Girl Scout Cookie stand.  George Hutchins "The Shoeman" beat everyone to it.  After News 4 first reported the story on Tuesday night he stopped by the Mills home on Wednesday.  The Ballwin philanthropist bought the 36 boxes the girls were left with.  He even had the girls deliver free boxes of cookies to their neighbors, including the one who complained to have the stand shut down.

For the past 5 years the Mills girls sold Girl Scout Cookies from a stand in front of their home.  The city of Hazelwood had warned them in the past that they were violating a city ordinance prohibiting the sale of commodities from a residence.  The city didn't enforce the ordinance until a neighbor complained this year that increased traffic from cookie buyers was causing dogs to bark.  Hazelwood Spokesman Tim Davidson says the city had no choice but to shut down the cookie stand.

News 4 was flooded with comments after breaking the story.  Most sided with the girls and wanted to help.  Many others sided with the city of Hazelwood saying they were simply upholding the ordinance.

Carolyn Mills, the girls' mother, says many neighbors stopped by their home on Wednesday to offer support.  After "The Shoeman" bought the remaining cookies he wrote a special note on one box for the neighbor who had the stand shut down.  The box of Shortbread Cookies read, "Have a nice day.  Sorry for all your troubles."  Mills says the neighbor refused the cookies when her daughters brought it by.  But the girls eventually convinced the woman to give the cookies to a child in the home. 

Davidson says Hazelwood is supportive of the Girl Scouts, but is firm in the ban on the Mills cookie stand.  He says the city will work the family toward a resolution.

Mills reiterates that they're not making any money off the sales.  She says they will put the stand back up next Girl Scout Cookie season.

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