Metrolink adds security to stop free rides -

Metrolink adds security to stop free rides

(KMOV)-- Money from a tax hike approved last year was intended to restore service at Metrolink and improve collection of fares.

Officials say that Metro has added more security on the platforms checking for tickets before riders board, and they have seen more compliance.

Last week, 65 people were charged in St. Louis County alone for the misdemeanor of riding metro without a ticket.


News 4’s reporter Laurie Water observed officers checking the tickets of Metrolink riders entering the platform and said that anyone not having one, had to buy a ticket at the kiosk, or leave.


Metro has also increased enforcement on the trains themselves.


Metro says the busier platforms have security the whole time they're open.  Officers alternate among the others. 

In 2009, about 1700 non-compliance tickets were written.  Last year, around 1200, over a 30% drop.


The fine if you do get caught range from $50-90, depending on the jurisdiction. 


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