Illinois looking for solution to crumbling bridges -

Illinois looking for solution to crumbling bridges


(KMOV)-- It’s scary to think the bridges St. Louis drivers use every day may be in the same condition as the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed in 2007.
“The bridge in Minneapolis that we all remember crumbling- it was structurally deficient and only denoted as that months before it collapsed. We’re running a risk. It’s a safety issue,” Kathleen Woodruff of Transportation for America said.
Some suggest raising the gas tax could be an answer to flawed bridges.
Even though gas is typically about 10 cents higher in Illinois than Missouri, the state has a tendency to lose gas tax money when gas is higher like it is now because people drive less.
Transportation for America says close to 10 percent of Illinois bridges, which is more than 2,000 of them, are falling apart in some form or fashion.
Critics say there is not enough money to fix them, and Illinois is not using enough of the road money it does have to fix them.
“When the state of Illinois is spending almost half of its available transportation dollars on new transportation projects instead of crumbling bridges like this, we have a problem with priorities,” Kevin Brubaker of Envirtonmental Law and Policy Center said.
The federal government is not likely to rush in and help with a windfall of money in this situation. The federal gas tax has not gone up in more than 20 years.

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