Do You Want To Become A Storm Spotter -

Do You Want To Become A Storm Spotter

If you've ever wanted to become a storm spotter here's your chance!  The National Weather Service holds training courses all over the area in the late Winter and Spring.  Below is a link to the list of classes remaining, though check back before you go as sometimes the class may be moved to a different location or time.

Keep in mind that a "spotter" isn't necessarily a chaser.  The weather service is looking for people who will report a specific criteria of severe weather and/or damage to them.  Then These reports get relayed to the media.

This is a tremendous help to me during severe weather outbreaks!  While I can see on Doppler Radar where rotation, strong winds or hail might be located, I never know it's really there until the reports come in from storm spotters.  And let's face it, we get a LOT of storms around here.  But when my viewers know a storm is uprooting trees and now that storm is in their neighborhood, you are more likely to take shelter from the storm.  When viewers have more information from storm spotters on the severity of the storm, it really helps keep people safe. 

Here's a link to the list of classes. 





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