Motorists blame sticker-covered 'no parking' signs for tickets -

Motorists blame sticker-covered 'no parking' signs for tickets

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Sometimes parking can be a pain around St. Louis City, but one man says ticketing has got out-of-hand in an area where “no parking” signs are covered with stickers.

The issue is most visible along a stretch of Compton at Olive, but several other obscured signs have been discovered throughout the city.

People who work in the area say parking cops will continually write tickets, but won’t bother to remove the stickers.

Josh Dale works in the city and says finding parking is hard enough as it is without getting what he calls a “bogus ticket.”

“I came out to my car, and I got a ticket for parking on this street between the hours of 4-6, which I certainly was, but how would I know that because the sign's covered,” he says.

Area businesses say the city is quick to write tickets, but slow to take down the obstruction blocking the wording on the sign.

While the St. Louis Violations Bureau handles the tickets, the city streets department is responsible for maintaining the signs.

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