Sunset Hills mayor welcomes retail development after tornado rav -

Sunset Hills mayor welcomes retail development after tornado ravaged properties

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – It’s been almost three months since a tornado leveled homes in Sunset Hills, but workers have yet to repair many of the damaged homes.

The expectation after a tornado is that residents would immediately begin repairing the damage or rebuilding from the ground up.

However, there’s an insurance issue involved that presents challenges to many residents.

Some of the home owners’ policies contain language saying if the home isn’t replaced, the insurance company will only pay 75 cents on the dollar. In one case, that leaves one homeowner owing more on his mortgage than he would get from his policy.

To further complicate things, some of the homeowners have been approached by developers who want to buy them out.

“The city is taking the position at this particular time that we are not telling people what to do,” says Sunset Hills Mayor Bill Nolan. “We would love to have these homeowners and these citizens continue to live in Sunset Hills, but if they decide they want to sell their property to some commercial developer, that very well could happen.

Mayor Nolan says while he doesn’t know exactly what developers may have planned should they reach an agreement with the property owners, he knows what he would like.

“We don’t have a pharmacy in Sunset Hills; we don’t have a grocery store,” he says. “Obviously, if there’s going to be development, we would like it to be retail.”

The timetable to reach a sales agreement is unknown. At least one resident has rejected the initial offer.

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