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Jefferson College offering free computer classes

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

( -- In an effort to educate area residents who want to learn more about computers and computer related subjects, Jefferson College will offer free classes through March, April and May.

Subjects such as internet, e-books, video conferencing and computer security will be covered in the 11 class series this spring and summer.  The classes are being offered thanks to a $678,000 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant.

The free BTOP classes will be offered at the college’s locations in Cedar Hill (6471 Cedar Hill Road), Arnold (1687 Missouri State Road) and Imperial (4400 Jeffco Blvd.). Each class will be taught in a single session format. All instructional materials, such as books and handouts, are provided.
Classes will be taught on a rotating basis throughout March, April and May. Additional sections will be added this coming summer and fall.

To register or receive more information about the classes, call the Jefferson College Continuing Education Office at (636) 797-3000 or 942-3000, extension 144 (TDD 789-5772) or visit

Available classes include:
Basic Computer Skills
This course will cover basic computer skills necessary for using a personal computer. It will provide hands-on experience such as using a mouse and navigating through Microsoft Windows. Participants will learn how to open, close and save files. It will discuss computer technology term and the different types of personal computers and their uses.
Basic Internet Skills
This course will provide hands-on experience regarding how to navigate to different websites, use a search engine, and set up an e-mail account to send and receive messages.
Participants will discover the simplicity and fun of reading their favorite books via an ebook reader, computer or pda.
Introduction to Online Research
This course will introduce participants to the process of using specific search techniques and recommended websites to find better information online. Participants will learn about evaluating information for accuracy and authority and discover web and library resources available for specific information needs. Attendees will be introduced to online research skills that serve as the foundation of lifelong learning in the digital age.
Internet Video Conferencing
The class will teach Examine a variety of audio, video, and Internet technologies for one way and two-way delivery needs. Skype, a current popular free tool, will be the primary course focus.
Keeping Your Computer Safe (Windows based)
Learn how to recognize security threats, distinguish Internet hazards, and generally protect computers while using the Internet. Topics will include malware, pop-ups, antivirus software, antimalware software, using the Internet wisely, best email practices, software updates and backup of critical data.
Promoting Your Business on the Internet
Many entrepreneurs lack the skills to use the Internet to gain customers and increase sales. This class will teach the skills necessary to gain a competitive edge.
Finding a Job Using the Internet
The Internet is an essential tool in today’s job market. Participants will learn effective job search strategies to increase success. Topics will include exploring and utilizing effective job board sites, search engines, social networking strategies, and tips on developing electronic resumes and employment applications.
Identifying and Selecting a Broadband Internet Service Provider
There are many ways one can gain access to a fast Internet connection. Not all technologies are well known. This course will discuss the basics of different local options and list advantages and disadvantages of each. It will provide a list of local broadband providers and help residents measure the speed of their current connection.
An Introduction to Online Courses
Online courses have been growing in popularity for over a decade and are becoming very commonplace. They help students participate in college, who otherwise might not be able, due to personal schedule or location. This class will discuss the basic components of online courses. It will give students an opportunity to view some real course examples. Students will also be given an opportunity to take an online readiness indicator to help determine if they might be a good candidate for online courses.
Web 2.0: Wikis, Blogs and Social Networks
This course is an introduction to information sharing on the World Wide Web, with emphasis on interaction and collaboration. Topics will include blogs and wikis, information updates through RSS feeds, and an introduction to social networking.
In addition to the free instruction, the BTOP grant also enables the college to provide expanded access to high-speed computer labs for community use at each of the sites in Cedar Hill, Arnold and Imperial.


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