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U. City residents say they feel left out of home buyouts after 2008 floods

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – University City recently announced that it is getting help from the state to buy out 26 homes on Wilson Avenue that were damaged by flooding in 2008, but houses affected by the floods in other subdivisions say they feel left out.

In the University City neighborhood affected by the floods, when the creek tops its banks, water crosses the street into homes. One local resident says he simply cannot rest at night when it’s raining. “You just pray and ask God to help you,” says Lee Pegues.

His home on Glenside Lane flooded once in 2008, and he says he wants a buyout. However, the city says the money is not available.

A new grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development frees up $461,000 to help cover the cost of the buyout, but the city manager says it’s really not enough for additional buyouts.

When asked if some money could be used to examine the flooding creek to see what the source of the problem is, the city manager said that the city would have to look at that on a case-by-case basis. “At this point in time, I'm not prepared to commit to doing that because we need to have a thorough discussion with the city council to determine how we're going to use the additional monies we've been fortunate to receive,” says Lehman Walker.

Pegues says he feels stuck because he’s unable to sell his home and unsure of whether to repair it – all while dreading another flood.

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