Lawmakers working to repeal Prop. B against will of voters -

Lawmakers working to repeal Prop. B against will of voters

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Last November, voters approved Proposition B to protect animals, but lawmakers are working to repeal the majority decision.

The Humane Society and voters feel snubbed by lawmakers, and voters say this might be why turnout at elections is low – they feel like their vote just doesn’t count for much.

Nancy Weller says she cannot bear to see another dog pulled out of a puppy mill. She and more than a million other Missouri voters pushed for Proposition B – the very bill lawmakers are now working to change.

“What is the point of having voted if they don’t stick with the way we voted,” she asks.

But senators think they can, and should, improve the bill – much to the Humane Society’s dismay.

“The animals in Missouri substandard puppy mills are subjected to a continual life of misery,” says Kathy Warnic, president of the Humane Society of Missouri.

But it’s a billion dollar business that lawmakers want to protect.

Senator Mike Parson sponsored the changes to Proposition B. On his website, he says his legislation is "designed to protect dogs by strengthening regulations on the dog breeding industry, while at the same time keeping the industry in business."

He goes on to say that "we must correct and change laws that are unfair to the citizens of our great state."

The senator’s opponents say that is a slippery slope.

“When you start over-turning the will of the voters, you set up a very dangerous precedent,” says Senator Robin Wright-Jones.

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