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Our Snowfall In The Record Books

There's a reason I hear so many people telling me they're tired of the snow...we've had a lot of it this year.  In fact, according to the ranked seasonal snowfall list on the National Weather Service web site this is the 11th snowiest season on record in St. Louis! Those records date back to the late 1800s and the snow "season" is July1 2010-June 30th 2011.

31.9" of snowfall is our total so far.  I say "so far" because we have seen measurable snow even into early May.  But those occurrences become much more rare past March.  

According to the list from the National Weather Service, this snowfall season ranks 11th where the record snowfall season was 1911/1912 with 67.6".

For perspective we average 18.5" and only once in the past 10 years have we had more than 30" of snow (30.2 in 2007/2008).  So this season's 31.9" not only was a lot of snow for us, but was well above what we've gotten use to recently.

If you are tired of Winter, we're about to get into a stretch of 60s and 70s just as Spring officially starts this Sunday March 20th. 

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