Crime scene photo circulates of man who shot, killed U.S. Marsha -

Crime scene photo circulates of man who shot, killed U.S. Marshal

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(KMOV) --- A photo showing the dead body of Carlos Boles is now circulating around the St. Louis area.

Boles shot Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry, another U.S. Marshal and a St. Louis police officer on Tuesday, March 8.  Perry later died from his wounds at St. Louis University Hospital.  The wounded law enforcement officers were part of a team of U.S. Marshals and police officers who were serving Boles with a felony warrant.  He opened fire when they entered his south St. Louis home.

The photo was sent to News 4 by an upset viewer who received it from an acquaintance, not affiliated with law enforcement.  News 4 has also received information the photo may be circulating on Facebook.

News 4 is keeping the photo under extremely tight control as to not circulate it further and we will not show it in newscasts or on in any way.

The St. Louis Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation into who took the picture and how it began circulating in public.

Here is the department's official statement:

This photo is incredibly distasteful. While various agencies had access to the crime scene and we cannot be sure who may have taken this photo, our Department’s policies are crystal clear—the only photos our personnel are to take at any crime scene are those that are for investigative purposes.  Anything otherwise is completely inappropriate and unacceptable.  While we cannot speak for the FBI or the U.S. Marshals, surely their policies are similar. Actions like this threaten the professionalism and integrity of ALL law enforcement.  There is an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation to determine if a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department employee took the photo and if so, the offending employee will absolutely be disciplined by this Department.  --Erica VanRoss/St. Louis Police Spokeswoman

The U.S. Marshals Service issued the following statement:

“While we do not know the source of the image, the U.S. Marshals Service is aware of an unauthorized release of a crime scene photograph from last week’s incident in St. Louis and will cooperate in the investigation to determine who may have distributed the image. All photographs and video taken by U.S. Marshals employees during the course of an investigation are considered evidence and official records, and are not subject to disclosure except for investigative purposes.” -- Jeff Carter/Chief, Office of Public Affairs U.S. Marshals Service

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