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Wildwood residents in limbo on citys plans for superfund site

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Residents living near a superfund site in Wildwood, Missouri, are in limbo, waiting to find out what city leaders are going to do with land that was once used for chemical dumping decades ago.

A developer sued the city after it put a hold on a plan to build new houses along Strecker Road.

Monday night, the city council heard from scientists hired by the city to investigate the problem.

The superfund site is bordered by other subdivisions, and some people have raised concerns, wondering if there is a health risk. The Environmental Protection Agency says a waste hauler dumped chemicals on the land in the 1970s, but the agency spent millions on a cleanup in the 1990s.

This issue came back up when a developer brought land with a plan of building new houses.

A parent then came forward, saying she believed her son’s cancer was caused by playing in a wooded area on the superfund site.

The city hired an outside company to review data at the site. The city has also been charged just more than $56,000 in the latest review, and those scientists said Monday night that they are not convinced the site is safe for development or for people living nearby.

The scientists recommended that the EPA reopen an investigation to find out for sure. The EPA has said that the scientists behind the latest review exaggerated the risks. AN EPA representative said Monday night that he is willing to work with the city in getting solid answers.

Wildwood has not made a decision on what happens with the land or the lawsuit.

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