Will shooting death of Michael Brown increase voter turnout? - KMOV.com

Will shooting death of Michael Brown increase voter turnout?

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – There has been a push in north St. Louis County to register more African-American residents to vote. The push came in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death, and it is an effort to help local government and law enforcement more reflective of the communities they serve.

Since August, 260 people in Ferguson registered to vote. Of the 260, 204 met the deadline to vote in Tuesday’s election, bringing the number of registered voters in Ferguson to about 14,500 and about 750,000 in St. Louis County. But how much of an effect will it have in the results? Opinions of residents are mixed.

A resident of the Canfield Green Apartments, feet from where Michael Brown was shot, said residents have lost faith in the system and are not voting as a result.

At the Matthew Dickey’s Boys and Girls Club in north St. Louis, a steady stream of voters awaited their turn to vote. They said they are unsure if the recent unrest will increase turnout, but their presence is an indication of hope for the better.

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