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Feldman: Just when things look bleak the Rams somehow find a way

(FootballStL) -- I don’t know how they did it.  I’m sure if you asked the Rams themselves after giving them a little bit of truth serum they’d say the same thing.  How they beat the 49ers on the road a week after arguably their worst loss of the season – coupled with finding out they’d lost two offensive starters for the year – is beyond any logical reasoning. 

The numbers don’t look particularly good, except on the scoreboard where the Rams finished with more points than the Niners.

Total 1st downs?  In favor of San Francisco.  Total yards?  Time of possession?  Same thing.  But when plays needed to be made they were made and that’s all that matters.  And most of all, the biggest factor of all, was the return of Sack City. 

8 sacks to be precise.  One from James Laurinaitis.  Two from Robert Quinn.  And one each from Eugene Sims, William Hayes, Michael Brockers and Aaron Donald.  Another sack was attributed to the team.

That’s the type of pressure that was expected when Gregg Williams was named defensive coordinator.  That’s the type of production that was expected when Quinn returned to a line that added Donald, quite possibly the best defensive lineman available in the NFL Draft this past spring.

Where has it been all year?  Hard to tell.  Teams were obviously so focused on stopping the pass rushers it almost seemed like they were willing to make other parts of the defense beat them so long as it wasn’t the front four.  And it was working.

Until today in San Francisco.

Sitting at 3-5 it’s hard to tell exactly where this season is going to go for the Rams.  A bench mark for reaching the postseason is usually 10 wins – though sometimes teams make it with fewer on occasion.  Last year Arizona went 10-6 and didn’t make the playoffs. 

To get to 10, using my advanced math degree, the Rams would have to go 7-1 over the final 8 games.  That’s quite a small margin for error in a schedule that still features Arizona twice, Denver, San Diego and another one in Seattle.

Thus, the postseason might be out of reach even if this team catches fire.  7 or 8 wins might be the most the Rams can reasonably hope for in the 2014 season.  Then, and here we go again, they just have to hope after another year of development they’re ready to take it to the next level in 2015. 

Though I think we’ve been saying that in St. Louis for over a decade now.

But, hey, it’s all we have right now isn’t it?

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