Metro East bus driver keeps driving after getting into accident -

Metro East bus driver keeps driving after getting into accident with students on board

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

( – A Macoupin County mother is upset after the driver of the bus her daughter was on kept driving even after glass on the bus shattered injuring at least one student.

Kaytie Besserman, who attends Gillespie Middle School, said the bus she was on crashed into a stop sign, causing a window to shatter. Besserman said broken glass from that window then flew into her face.

“There was multiple screams and then the window just busted. People were getting mad at her (the bus driver) that she just kept going,” Besserman said.

Besserman said the driver kept driving even after students told her they were hurt.

“She had to pull the glass out of her forehead. Her knuckles were all bloody,” said Karla Mitchelar, Besserman’s mother.

Mitchelar said the same driver was behind the wheel the next day, so Mitchelar decided to go to the district to ask why.

“He can tell me anything about why this woman, who left the scene of an accident and dropped off children who were injured, is still driving,” Mitchelar said.

The superintendent of the Gillespie School District told News 4 it investigated the incident and elected to make minor changes, but decided to retain the driver.

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