Officer draws gun on tow truck driver; residents upset -

Officer draws gun on tow truck driver; residents upset

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CAHOKIA, Ill. ( -- A Northwoods police officer is under fire tonight after allegedly pulling a gun on a tow truck driver.

Chief Earl Heitzenroeder said the officer was arrested by Cahokia Friday afternoon. Police said it happened in the City View neighborhood.

“I just think it’s wrong. I mean if a police officer can do that to a tow truck driver, what do you think he will do to us," asked a Cahokia woman who was too afraid of police to reveal her name. “Our police officers should be someone we can trust, and we can go to but if you doing something like this here what do you expect our young people to do," she continued.

Before hiring the officer, Chief Heitzenroeder said the man went through a series of background checks and was finger printed, but nothing indicated there could be future problems.

After two months on the job, Chief Heitzenroeder said he put the officer on unpaid administrative leave.

“Police officers are entrusted with authority by the public and by the state and that authority should not be abused,” said Heitzenroeder.

Residents in Cahokia said the incident adds to their mistrust for police officers. 

The officer has not been charged.

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