Alton police: Man who handed out cash to kids did nothing wrong -

Alton police: Man who handed out cash to kids did nothing wrong

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

( - Steven Dudley said he is the man who handed out cash to children at an Alton apartment complex.

He moved from California for a new job and said he wanted to give back. Dudley tells News 4 that he saw under privileged kids and wanted to help. He passed out money in the Oakwood Estates housing complex, sharing $220 with children he never met before.

Parents initially said the man never asked for anything in return for the cash, telling kids he was blessed with the money and wanted to bless others too.

Later in the day News 4 learned of some Facebook reports that a man driving a sliver sedan with California plates was walking down the street, and matched the same description of the man handing out money.

Dudley said that was him too. He wanted to take pictures of the seasons changing to send back to his wife and kids in California. He said police questioned him at his home and let him go.

Police told News 4 the Dudley did not do anything criminal, they just wanted to speak with him.


Dudley said he did not know police were looking for him because he has not yet bought a TV since moving to the area.

See original story below:

ALTON, Ill. ( – Police in Alton, Illinois are looking for information about a man accused of passing out cash to kids.

A grandmother of one of the kids who was given money fears that the man may be laying the groundwork for coming back and abducting the kids.

Police are directing their concerns to residents of the Oakwood Estates housing complex where the man has allegedly given out $30 to some children.

Police say the children tell them the man gives no reason for the gifts and has not asked for anything in return.

"He was up at the playground playing and the man just came up and offered him money," said Vickie Harris of grandson. "Gave them all different amounts of money."

The man quickly drove off as parents walked out of their apartments to approach him. A witness told police an older African American man with a dark complexion and wearing a brown shirt was passing out money from inside a silver car with California plates.

Besides asking residents to call police if the man returns, officers said they would be conducting a closer watch on the complex. 

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