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What would happen if Ferguson dissolved its police department?

(KMOV.com) – In the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting, rumors have been swirling that the Ferguson Police Department will be dissolved.

Speculation has been rampant that St. Louis County Police may become responsible for policing the city. In order for such a move to occur, the Ferguson City Council must vote to disband the department and then negotiate a contract with St. Louis County Police.

In 2011, Jennings disbanded its department and currently contracts out its policing to St. Louis County. Residents are divided on whether the move has had a positive impact.

“I think they are doing a fine job. I welcome St. Louis County to movie in other areas and straighten up problems,” said resident Robert Cotton.

Another resident disagreed.

“Anybody walking gets stopped, that ain’t right,” said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous. “People are going to the bus stop, to work, you can’t do that to everyone.”

Jennings Mayor Benjamin Sutphin said he was very clear on what he wanted from St. Louis County Police.

“We want professionalism, we want safe streets, and at this point, I would feel very comfortable saying they have done a tremendous job,” Sutphin said.

Since the takeover, most violent crimes are down more than 28 percent. In 2014 there have been no homicides, and overall crime is down 17 percent. Crime has also dropped every year since the takeover.

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