Pacific resident says officer drew gun over parking regulations -

Pacific resident says officer drew gun over parking regulations

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PACIFIC, Mo. ( -- A Pacific man said an interaction with a police officer Tuesday morning over parking regulations led the officer to overreact and draw his gun.

Doug Carra said a Pacific police officer came with a code enforcement employee regarding Carra's pick-up truck that was parked in the street with a flat tire and busted window. The car had been there for several weeks. Carra said he was parking his truck in his driveway when the officer drew his gun.

"I looked back and the cop had his gun drawn on me and he told me to put the car in park [and] if I made a wrong move and didn't put the car in park, I'd be shot," said Carra.

According to Carra, the officer realized Carra was not trying to run him over, but the officer got very upset. Carra said the officer pulled out a taser and asked him to turn around because he was under arrest for assaulting an officer.

"Everything's taken seriously and nothing's going to be swept under the rug," said Captain Larry Cook, Assistant Police Chief of the Pacific Police Department.

Cook promised there will be a thorough investigation. 

Carra said the officer eventually let him go. However, before leaving, Carra said the officer told him nobody needed to know about the incident. 

"I think he realized he was in the wrong and was trying to brush it under the rug if he could," said Carra.

Carra is scheduled to file a formal complaint and statement Thursday. Additional officers and code enforcement personnel will also be present.

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