Group supporting property tax increase Wentzville accused of mis -

Group supporting property tax increase Wentzville accused of misleading voters

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. ( – A News 4 viewer claims the union representing Wentzville firefighters is using incorrect information to persuade voters to support a property tax hike.

The viewer said the flyers claim insurance rates on homes will drop if voters support Proposition S. If passed, Proposition S would increase the annual tax on a home worth $200,000 by $95. The proposition is on the ballot because Wentzville voters previously approved a bond issue to build two new fire stations, but they also voted down a separate property tax increase to pay for the new stations’ staff.

“I don’t think the insurance is going to go down, it will go up just like everything else,” said resident Charles Viehman.

A firefighters’ union representative said the union cites a reliable source.

“We met with several different agents and several different agents said insurance rates will go down,” said Dave Marlo with Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri.

Marlo said insurance rates will do down because the Insurance Services Office or ISO that does risk assessment for the insurance industry will improve the area’s rating.

“We’ve done numerous studies on where these future stations need to go and if we can put a firehouse within five miles of your house your ISO rating is greatly impacted by it,” Marlo said.

Some supporters said lower insurance rates do not play into their decision to vote “yes” on the proposition.

“Personally I don’t care if they do or not. I’d like them to go down but I still think what little increase it’s going to be for each individual family is well worth it,” said resident Gail Wolfe.

The insurance industry said there many factors that determine rates.

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