Dogtown break-ins causing concerns for residents -

Dogtown break-ins causing concerns for residents

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS ( -- Dogtown residents are ready to take action after a string of break-ins outside of a gym in the neighborhood.

Six break-ins have been reported this week, with five of those break-ins reported on Tuesday night alone. Members of the Club Fitness on Manchester say they go inside the gym for an hour or less and return to their car to find their windows smashed and belongings missing. 

Residents say they feel like police and businesses aren't doing enough to protect their cars and catch the vandals. 

"People are constantly talking about car break-ins, strange people in the neighborhood. Growing up here I never thought about it, but more recently it's been a concern," says Dogtown resident Gretchen Plut. 

According to St. Louis Police, three of the cars broken into this week had their windows smashed in and an iPod, wallet and clothes were reported stolen. 

Club Fitness tells News 4 that they don't own or control the parking lot and have no power over the surveillance cameras in the area. 

"You come to the gym and you're not really thinking about being in there too long, and you leave your belongings in your car," says Plut.

Through September, car larceny is down by about 30 percent in the neighborhood over the last year, but the recent spike in break-ins, residents are asking for increased police presence and a neighborhood watch. 

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