Mayor of Sunset Hills refuses to resign despite facing felony ch -

Mayor of Sunset Hills refuses to resign despite facing felony charges

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

( – The Mayor of Sunset Hill told News 4 he will not resign even though he is facing criminal charges for his alleged role in an altercation with a cyclist.

Tuesday night, the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen held a special meeting with only two items on the agenda. The first was to establish an ordinance that would allow the Board of Aldermen to impeach an elected official if two-thirds of the aldermen vote in favor. The board of aldermen also interviewed attorneys to help them with process. The meeting eventually went into a closed session.

Many residents turned out in support of the mayor because he has not been convicted of a crime. Alderman Scott Haggerty, who called the meeting, would not say why he wanted the Furrer to step down.

The meeting was adjourned with no action taken. Haggerty would not say what they discussed in the closed door session, but he repeated that their desire for the mayor to step down is not about the incident with the cyclist.

The board will meet the second week of November to take up the ordinances.

Furrer told News 4 his attorney advised him not comment on the matter.

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