Firefighter: Wrong-way accidents a problem on Highway 21 -

Firefighter: Wrong-way accidents a problem on Highway 21

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DE SOTO, Mo. ( – News 4 has learned there have been three wrong way accidents on Highway 21 in 2014.

The most recent accident resulted in two people being sent to the hospital, but nobody died. In the previous accidents, three people died.

“This could be bad for somebody, we’ve got to stop it now,” said Josh Barton with De Soto Rural Fire Protection District.

Barton said he and another firefighter were almost hit by a wrong-way driver who was driving north in the southbound lanes on Highway 21 Monday.  Barton said the driver of the other car swerved out of the way to avoid a head-on crash.

“We turned, got turned around and got on the northbound side and started following him. Trying to get their attention, we flashed our lights at him and honked our horn,” Barton said.

In March, a man and woman were killed in a fiery wrong way crash. Another man was killed in a wrong-way accident in July.

The elderly driver of the car was going the wrong way in Monday’s crash and may have entered the highway going the wrong way at an exit ramp at Highway M. All of the wrong-way accidents have involved older drivers. MoDOT said it has added extra signs and reflectors to prevent wrong way accidents.

“He seemed very confused at the time. I don’t know if that was from the accident or from before. He didn’t know where he was. He said he knew it didn’t feel right, but jest kept going,” Barton said. 

An engineer with MoDOT said they will add more signs and reflectors to the overpasses over Highway 21 to help prevent any confusion.

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