Boy, 10, struck while biking in Warren County in stable conditio -

Boy, 10, struck while biking in Warren County in stable condition

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WARRENTON, Mo. ( -- A ten-year-old boy from Truesdale, Missouri is recovering after being run over while on his bike in a busy Warren County intersection.  The accident happened Friday evening in Warrenton at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 47.

Johnny Bramlet, 10, was airlifted from Warrenton to St. Louis Children's Hospital. Police said a vehicle had exited Interstate 70 and began moving once the light turned green.  The driver did not see Bramlet, who was on his bike.  Bramlet was dragged for several feet as the truck turned south on highway 47.
Word had spread throughout the community after the accident on Friday, but still several of his classmates had questions.
“Our guidance counselor and teacher are in tune with boys and girls,” explained Jill Schowe, principal at Rebecca Boone Elementary School. “Our guidance counselor went this morning first thing, some students came to school not knowing so we had to share with them.”
A parent from the school has set up "Go Fund Me" account to raise money for Bramlet's family, saying that although Bramlet has been upgraded to stable condition, he may not be any to return home for several weeks. 
Bramlet has a bike helmet, but his mother told the principal he had outgrown it and wasn't wearing it. Teachers took the opportunity to stress bike safety with students.
“I think it surprised me that they weren't satisfied with just knowing the basic info about what happened,” said Lindsay Smith, a teacher at the school. “They wanted to know in-depth where he was, when it happened and what exactly happened.”
If you’d like to donate to his Go Fund Me account, click here.

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