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Feldman: Rams brutal season seems to be bottoming out with injuries

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

(FootballSTL) -- Can it get any worse?  Can it? 

Not only did the Rams fall flat on their face in Kansas City with a 34-7 beat down at the hands of the Chiefs, they also find out two more offensive starters are likely out for a while, quite possibly the season.  WR Brian Quick’s shoulder injury and OT Jake Long’s knee are the latest hits to a franchise that just seems doomed to failure.

It started with Sam Bradford in the preseason.  It continued with an embarrassment at the hands of the Vikings in Week 1.  Blowing a three touchdown lead to Dallas in Week 3 and a two touchdown lead to San Francisco in Week 6 made everyone realize this team is destined for another disappointing season.

Some hope was restored with a win over Seattle last week but this latest loss to the Chiefs – and the way it happened – showed that most recent win was absolutely just smoke and mirrors.  The Rams are not good.  And now they’re losing their best players and are going to have to finish the season with backups.

It’s almost like the Football Gods just want them to go to Los Angeles. 

Can you blame football fans in St. Louis for staying home on Sundays from here on out?  Why would you want to get in your car, drive all the way downtown, find parking, walk to the Edward Jones Dome, waste a perfectly good afternoon indoors watching a football team lose while in a facility with an absolutely atrocious environment?

Why do that when you could just stay home, watch a little of the game from the couch and turn it off in the 2nd quarter when things get out of hand? 

Other than that win over Seattle, it’s not like there’s been much reason to hope?  Heck, this team lost Austin Davis’ number one option in Quick…a guy he’d targeted more than any other wide receiver on the roster.  Quick leads the Rams in yards receiving (375), touchdowns (3), first downs (19) and catches over 20 yards (5). 

For much of the season we’ve understood that even if this team does fail to meet expectations this year at the very least they’d do so by getting their young talent experience.  Now?  They’re dropping like flies.  So other than Austin Davis and his much needed reps at quarterback exactly what are the Rams accomplishing right now? 

They are 2-5 and have to face San Francisco and Arizona (both on the road) before coming back home to play Peyton Manning and Denver.  From there it’s a trip to 5-3 San Diego.  It’s not unrealistic to think the Rams could be 3-8 by the end of that stretch.

Another bad season.  Another year of conditioning fans to be apathetic to their football team.  Just another autumn in St. Louis.

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