Man sent to hospital after a homemade bomb is tossed in his back -

Man sent to hospital after a homemade bomb is tossed in his backyard

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

WENTZVILLE, Mo ( -- What police say could be an ill-advised prank sent one man to the hospital after a homemade explosive was tossed in his backyard. 

Jonathan Cage says his quiet night at home quickly turned heart stopping when a mysterious bottle came flying into his backyard.

“When I picked it up I could see it was a bottle with chemicals in it and at that point in time it expanded and exploded in my face,” Cage said.

The bottle was about a liter in size and filled with a household cleaning agent and tin foil, police say. When those things are combined the resulting chemical reaction causes an explosion.

“If it was a child it could have potentially, I feel, done significant damage to a child or even killed a child,” said Cage.

Wentzville police say suspects also targeted their headquarters and another home in the Bear Creek Community but in both cases no one was hurt.


Detectives took two juvenile suspects into custody late Sunday night in connection with the incidents.  

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