Couple learns of pregnancy on day baby is born -

Couple learns of pregnancy on day baby is born

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(CNN) – A couple in Iowa are new parents, after finding out they were having a baby only after the woman went into labor.

Like many new parents at St. Luke’s birth center, Scott Steele and Misty Briggs make frequent trips to visit their new son at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, but there’s where the similarity ends.

Until Misty walked into the emergency room Monday morning, she had no idea she was even pregnant, much less full term and ready to deliver.

She said, “I was stunned, it didn’t even seem real.”

The shock was primarily due to Scott’s medical history. Five years ago, the one-time KHAK-radio DJ was diagnosed with stage four colo-rectal cancer. He’s gone through extensive chemotherapy, and relapses, and was told without medical intervention he’d probably never become a father.

Then little Briggs, all seven pounds, 14-ounces, arrived on the scene to confound those predictions.

Scott said, “I’m still in disbelief, part of me is so excited and feel so blessed and part of me is like, really.”

When Scott and Misty take little Briggs home, maybe late Thursday or early Friday, they will have catching up to do. For instance, since they didn’t know he was coming, there’s not a single diaper in the home, no baby clothes, no furniture.

Misty says some who hear their story may question how she couldn’t tell she was pregnant for all those months. She said, “I didn’t have the weight gain, didn’t have the nausea, none of the morning sickness that goes along with pregnancy. Nothing.”

Scott has a reputation as a practical joker. So his first social media messages about the pregnancy had friends texting “best joke ever”. But that’s no joke, that’s a baby.

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