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Owner: Thieves hit my south St. Louis construction company many times

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(KMOV.com) – The owner of a construction business located in the Tower Grove neighborhood said repeated thefts are making it hard for him and his employees to make a living.

Joshua Young, who owns the company, said tools and equipment have been taken from an unattached garage next to a 110-year-old home he is rehabbing on Juanita.

“To this day it’s about $9,000 in tools taken over the past two weeks,” Young said. “It messes everything. I’ve got four to seven guys who work for me. So it’s all their families. It’s just devastating all around.”

Young said thieves have struck three times. According to Young, they pulled up in the alley behind the garage and used different ways to break in. They stole nail guns, a concrete saw, a $1,000 laser level, and a generator. Young said it might take the company two years to replace the stolen items.

“Had it padlocked, pretty decent size chain, but they cut it anyway,” Young said.

Young said he put in surveillance cameras that captured images of two thieves, but the photos are good enough to identify the suspects. Young said he will install higher quality cameras and take other steps to stop thieves.

“What else can I do? I don’t think the police will ever find them. I’ve called on pawn shops, looked on Craigslist, there doesn’t seem to be any solution to it. If I have to put an end to it myself, then that’s what I have to do.”

Police dusted the garage for fingerprints but said it appears the thieves wore gloves.

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