Lake St. Louis to ban texting while driving, 7th local municipal -

Lake St. Louis to ban texting while driving, 7th local municipality to do so

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Lake St. Louis is the latest city to be added to the growing list of cities that ban texting and driving. While Illinois bans the use of a cell phone while driving, in Missouri it is up to the municipalities.

Lake St. Louis will be the seventh city in the St. Louis region to ban texting and driving. The other six cities include St. Charles, Florissant, Kirkwood, St. John, Ellisville and Manchester.

“Right now, driving in Town and Country texting and driving is perfectly legal for an adult. But as soon as I cross the line into Manchester, I have to put the phone down because now, it’s illegal,” said one driver.

In September, there were 20 citations issued for texting and driving in Manchester. The Manchester mayor said they have taken measures to inform drivers of the new law.

“We’ve posted it on our signs, we’ve done it on the website, we’ve done it in the newspaper we sent out. It’s not like it’s a well kept secret,” said Mayor Dave Wilson.

Ellisville’s mayor said they have been lighter on the policy, and Lake St. Louis Police said they are not looking to catch unsuspecting drivers.

“We don’t have any texting police out there looking for people. Certainly, if they observe that, they’ll take corrective action,” said Chief Michael Force of Lake St. Louis Police.

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