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'Cold case' playing cards available for CT inmates

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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A third edition of "Cold Case" playing cards is now available to inmates throughout the Connecticut correctional system.

The playing cars, 52 in each deck, solicit information from unsolved homicides and missing person cases.

The cards were produced by the Cold Case Unit in the Office of the Chief State's Attorney, along with the Department of Correction and other law enforcement groups that are working to solve cases that have gone “cold” or unsolved for a prolonged period of time.

Each card features a photograph and brief details about the case, along with telephone, mail and email contacts that inmates can use to supply information.

The cases featured on the cards are changed in each deck to allow for the maximum number of cases to be circulated through the correctional system, a press release said.

"Cold case playing cards are a valuable tool assisting investigators working to solve these difficult cases and achieve justice for the victims of these crimes and their families," Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane said in a press release.

Since the cards were released in 2010, investigators have received more than 470 tips, and since the first two editions were distributed, arrests have been made in nine homicide cases featured on the cards.

The cards are available for purchase by inmates in facilities operated by the Department of Correction, and revenue from the card sales is used to produce more decks of cards, making the project self-sufficient.

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