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NYT reporter who broke story about federal investigation of Brown shooting speaks

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – The reporter who wrote the story with details on the federal investigation of the Michael Brown, Jr. shooting said sources have told him that federal charges are unlikely to be filed against Officer Darren Wilson.

Michael Schmidt recently published an article in the New York Times that detailed the story that Wilson provided to federal investigators when they interviewed him. St. Louis County Police said there was a tussle between Brown and Wilson in Wilson’s police car, and that Wilson fired once while inside the car. Schmidt’s article said forensic evidence indicates two shots were fired in the car, one of which hit Brown.

“There was a significant amount of blood in the car. There was blood on the car, there was blood on Wilson’s gun and there was blood on Wilson.

Wilson told investigators Brown repeatedly punched and scratched him.

“This is the first time we’ve heard some of this forensic evidence and it is really significant in this investigation. In an investigation where you can have differing accounts about what happened, forensic evidence can play a very important role and can carry a lot of weight either at the federal or local level,” Schmidt said.

Eyewitnesses said Wilson was aggressor in the tussle, and that Brown did not reach for Wilson’s gun. Wilson told investigators Brown was the aggressor.

“Officer Wilson said Brown had gone for the gun,” Schmidt said. “If he (Wilson) is lying to federal authorities, that is something he can be prosecuted for, you can’t lie to a federal agent.”

Schmidt said sources have told him that even though the federal investigation is not over, it is unlikely Wilson will face federal civil rights charges. In order to charge Wilson, federal investigators must find evidence that Wilson intentionally violated Brown’s rights.

“From our understanding, where the federal investigation is on this, so far, they do not have enough evidence to bring a civil rights case against Wilson,” Schmidt said.

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