Initiative giving a voice to Ferguson youth -

Initiative giving a voice to Ferguson youth

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( - The death of Mike Brown has raised questions about the quality of life for young people in Ferguson.

With little or nothing to do, many teenagers in the area get ticketed for wandering the streets. 

Last year Ferguson Police wrote nearly 24,000 summons. That number is nearly 3,000 more than Ferguson's total population. With so many tickets, residents can't always afford to pay their fines or penalties. 

Now, a Ferguson youth initiative has been started to give the young citizen's of teh area a voice. 

17 year-old high school student Jayde Brown has joined the initiative and attends meetings with authorities to start a dialogue between police and the youth of the area.  

"We don't want to feel like we don't have a voice," said Brown. "If you listen to us now, who knows what that can lead to in the future. That can make things totally different." 

Along with the youth initiative, Ferguson's City Council recently announced plans to reform the system in Ferguson in hopes to improve relations between authorities and residents of the Ferguson area. 

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