Runners report hearing missing South Carolina woman's screams -

Runners report hearing missing South Carolina woman's screams

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

 GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -- A group of runners said they were enjoying a normal fall Saturday on the Swamp Rabbit Trail when they heard screaming.

One of the runners, Shannon Sternberg, said when they first heard the cries they weren't sure where they were coming from.

"We heard some noise in the woods, someone calling," Sternberg said. "We couldn't tell if it was someone calling or kids playing but we stopped and listened."

Paul Myers, another runner, followed the cries and found Kimara Hughey trapped in a ravine in the woods off the trail.

Hughey, 24, had been reported missing on Tuesday, Oct. 14 by her boyfriend after she never returned home. Black and white missing person posters were hung near the trail head, the area Hughey was last seen.

But ultimately, it was the runners hearing her call for help that led to a rescue. When Myers found Hughey, she was muddy, covered in cuts and in a lot of pain.  

Gabby Sanders, another runner who helped find Hughey, said this wasn't the first time they had run through the area this week. Sander's said it was an eerie feeling knowing someone was in the woods and crying for help, so badly injured that they couldn't get to safety.

She said, "We had actually run through here several times this week since she's been missing and we hadn't heard anything."

Sternberg dialed 911 and first responders were called to the scene. Officials said Hughey was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. Hughey's boyfriend said she has a broken leg and possibly hypothermia.

At this time no information has been released as to how Hughey fell into the ravine.

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