Stress-free tax day? -

Stress-free tax day?

Throughout parts of South St. Louis and downtown it seems most people aren't pulling their hair out this April 15th finishing up their 1040s.

In fact, tax day is becoming more fun.  Yes, I said it.  Look around.

Free coffee at Starbucks, discounted spaghetti and meat sauce at Fazoli's, free massages from the Missouri College of Massage Therapy in Keiner Plaza.  Tax day is becoming a day of indulgence.

Most people I talked to today (not that many... maybe five) had already finished their taxes.  Some waited to mail them until today.  Might as well hang on to the money as long as you legally can.  I didn't find anyone dredding getting started on or finishing up their taxes.

I did have some fun with a guy dressed as Uncle Sam on Kingshighway for our 5pm story.  He was outside a tax service office that seemed a little busy.   Hopefully when they walked out of there they knew where to get their free massage and coffee.

Ironically my wife is at a spa today, but I'm the one who filed our tax returns!

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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