Big cuts planned in the St. Louis Public Schools -

Big cuts planned in the St. Louis Public Schools

The St. Louis Schools might be facing a 20 percent cut in staffing, as part of a plan to reduce a $57 million dollar deficit.  That's just part of the plan, which still is not finalized.

Sources say the cuts might be even greater, since the district just learned it will lose millions more in funding from the State of Missouri. Also on the chopping block: several school buildings, increased health care premiums, and possible cuts in pension contributions.

The reason the job cuts are notable is that no past superintendent has been able to accomplish that without being run out of town. The difference this time? Dr. Kelvin Adams reports to the Special Administrative Board, which does not answer to voters. This board can order the cuts without fear of political backlash from the powerful teacher's union. The school board will hear the final plan Thursday night at 6:00 pm.

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