Large scale meth bust in Missouri -

Large scale meth bust in Missouri

I never fail to be blown away by how bad the meth situation is in Missouri, and the St. Louis area.  Police in St. Clair had three house explosions in just a few weeks.  Today they busted nine people on federal charges for buying hundreds of boxes of sudafed to make meth.  Sgt. Grellner, kind of the top meth cop around here, said the dopamine released by meth is equivalent to 1100 orgasms.  I guess that explains its addictive power, but when you see the pictures of meth addicts - they look more like corpses than lovers.

Police believe that if sudafed is made prescription only, their meth problem would almost disappear.  When Oregon did that, their meth problem evaporated.  They busted 10 last year, according to Sgt. Grellner.  In the first two months of this year.... Missouri has had 300!



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