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Rising trend: Women donating to breast milk banks

(KMOV) -- Most of us has given blood at some time in our life, but tonight News 4 is sharing news about a donation that might surprise you - breast milk. The industry is expanding, and many St. Louis mothers are participating.

Jennifer Alhardt did what millions of other mothers do. She breast fed her child then pumped extra breast milk for when she returned to work. But what Jennifer didn't anticipate was her son Luke rejecting the thawed milk.

"I panicked and said to myself I can't let this go to waste," said Alhardt.

That's when she learned that throwing out her milk was not her only option. After going through rigorous screening, Jennifer shipped more than 100 ounces of her frozen milk to the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank in Indianapolis.

Dane Nutty of the milk bank walked us through the process. The milk is sent in special freezer bags on dry ice and placed in a freezer until it's time for thawing. The milk is thawed, pasteurized, and then sent out for testing to make sure the milk is safe for any baby to drink. The milk comes from mothers like Jennifer whose babies reject the frozen milk. It also comes from mothers who pumped extra milk, or from mothers whose children passed away and the donation of the milk helps in the grieving process.

News 4's Virginia Kerr has the entire story about breast milk banks. To learn more, watch the video above.


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