Got Allergies? Here's The Deal On The Pollen -

Got Allergies? Here's The Deal On The Pollen

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

Allergies bothering you? Yeah. me too.  So, I called Dr. Robert Nicolotti PhD at the St. Louis County Department of Health to answer my questions about why the pollen is so bad. Here's what I learned:

-Pollen is bad right now, but I already knew that. However, I didn't know it was record setting! Mulberry hit an all-time high on Monday and remains high.

-Above freezing temperatures for a long while coupled with the unusually warm and sunny weather have made for ideal pollinating conditions.

-Right now it's Oak and Mulberry that are the biggest pollen offenders when it comes to irritating our allergies.  Red Oak has pollinated and White Oak is getting ready to add to our allergy troubles.

-If you stare at a Mulberry blossom, you may see a puff of white.  That's mulberry pollen.  It actually ejects outward.

-People without allergies are suffering too!  The pollen is just an irritant when there is this much of it in the air. 

-Fragrant flowers and trees are NOT the problem.  That smell is to attract bugs to pollinate those flowers and trees.  But that pollen is not the cause of the allergies and irritation we're suffering.

-You can see the pollen.  It's on cars and even can reveal car tracks on a parking lot if enough pollen is dusting the ground. 

-Rain can help wash the pollen  out of the air.  I have a rain chance Friday, let's hope it's widespread enough to help.

For more information and the daily allergy numbers:

 -Steve Templeton

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