Mangia Pasta -

Mangia Pasta

Mangia pasta, Seven vegetable broth, sun dried tomato, leeks, wild mushrooms, truffle essence, Baetje Farms goat cheese.


Recipe: Seven vegetable broth,

            1ea carrot

            1ea yellow onion

            2 ribs celery

            1 bulb garlic

            1/4 cup sun dried tomato

            3/4 ea leek

            1 cup mushroom stems

            3 TBS olive oil

            2 Qt spring water

            4 sprigs thyme

            2 sprigs rosemary

            1 bay leaf


Procedure: Rough chop all vegetables and sweat in olive oil in a heavy bottom sauce pot over medium heat until tender. Add water and bring to simmer for 30 min, add remaining ingredients and steep for 15 min.Strain and set aside.


For the pasta:

3 cups Seven vegetable broth

1# Mangia Pappardelle

1/4 cup sun dried tomato

2 TBS Olive oil

1/4 leek Julienne

2 cups wild mushrooms

2 TBS truffle butter

3 oz Baetje Farms Goat cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Fresh chopped parsley



Saute leeks and mushrooms in olive oil in a large saute pan add sun dried tomatoes. Boil pasta in a large sauce pot for 90 seconds, strain and add to saute pan with vegetable broth, add truffle butter and season with salt and pepper. Place pasta in serving bowls and garnish with goat cheese and parsley

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