Granite City residents upset with city over smelly ditch -

Granite City residents upset with city over smelly ditch

(KMOV) -- A Metro-East neighborhood is fed up with broken promises from its leaders. Last June, the Granite City public works director said that he was working on a solution for a smelly sludge-filled ditch that lines one of the city's neighborhoods.

For 30 years, John Culibrek has been pleading with Granite City leaders to fix the drainage ditch that runs the length of Northbridge Court. It regularly clogged with sludge, causing a smelly mess. "You could get waste flowing 10-15 feet up in the yards," said Culibrek. "It stinks."

A year ago, Bill Brown moved into his home that backs up to the ditch. "It's kind of ridiculous to have to live with," he said. He gave the city permission to use his yard to access the ditch. They cleaned it March 12th, and just a few weeks later the ditch is a mess.

Last summer, the mayor told neighbors they'd like to clean it at least three times a year, but that has not happened. The March 12th cleaning was the first since then.

Rick Fancher, the city's public works director said that the city has several ditches on its hands and one alone is several hundred thousand dollars to pull it out, redo and cover everything. "We have a foreman that's going to be down here with a crew at least once a month," he said. "He's going to do it, it's just that simple."

John Culibrek isn't holding his breath. "We know they're not going to live up to that promise," he said.

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