Four-day schools aren't always as cost-efficient as expected -

Four-day schools aren't always as cost-efficient as expected

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- An education expert says four-day school weeks don't always save as much money as expected.

Mike Griffith is a senior policy adviser for the Education Commission of the States. He says school districts save money by not running buses one day a week.

But he says savings on heating buildings or paying custodians sometimes are overestimated.

Legislation in the Illinois General Assembly would allow school districts to cut one day of school each week to save money.

Custer, S.D. has had four-day weeks for 15 years. Superintendent Tim Creal says it saves up to $70,000 a year -- enough for two teachers.

Gore, Okla. schools are going back to five days after one year. Officials say class periods on in-session days are too long for pupils.

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