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Unique experience on Opening Day

Reporting on Awake with News 4, I find myself at odd places at odd times pretty much every morning.

As a lifelong baseball fan, being inside a pro baseball stadium hours before the sun comes up was an almost religious experience.

I mean, when are you in a baseball stadium when there's not a sole in any of the approximately 45,000 seats?  Never.  When are you there in the dark before the lights come on?  Again, never.

I  arrived with some colleagues at 4 a.m. Monday as we prepared for our 5 a.m. broadcast.  There were no ballpark sounds... no ballpark smells... nothing to compete with the perfection that is the baseball diamond.   It was a nice few moments before having to focus on the job.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been getting on the field and taking some swings or fielding some grounders and fly balls.  In my dreams.

Mark Schnyder, News 4 | e-mail


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