Authorities: Suspected meth lab blows up near Union, Mo. -

Authorities: Suspected meth lab blows up near Union, Mo.

(KMOV) -- What authorities believe to be a meth lab blew up near Union, Missouri Friday afternoon.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office, this happened around 4 p.m. in a house on Saw Mill Road. This is off Highway 47 just south of Union, Missouri.

Two people suspected of making meth were hurt. As many as five people were in the house at the time. It is not clear how many were involved in making the drug.

The lab was set up in the back of the house when the drug ignited, exploded and sparked a fire that spread to the rest of the house. The house was a single family building rented to one of the suspects on public aid.

The explosion seriously injured one of the suspects who was reportedly abandoned by the others who fled the scene. That man was airlifted to St. John’s Burn Unit in St. Louis County. A second suspect was also hurt. Friends took this person to a local hospital.

Police have two of the suspects in custody including the man at St. John’s. Charges are still pending. Deputies are looking for the other suspects.

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