Clinic agrees to not move frozen embryos until legal decision re -

Clinic agrees to not move frozen embryos until legal decision reached

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
(KMOV) --  A first of its kind fight is playing out in St. Louis. The legal battle is over frozen embryos and who has legal custody of them.
The McLaughlins, a Kirkwood, Missouri couple who adopted four embryos, had twins and now they want to implant the remaining two embryos.
The donor couple in California wants to take back the remaining embryos and is suing the McLaughlins for custody.
On Thursday, a St. Louis County court issued a temporary restraining order to keep a fertility clinic in San Francisco from doing anything with the two frozen embryos the McLaughlins adopted.
The McLaughlins had agreed to implant the embryos within a year of adopting them and that year is now over.
Jen McLaughlin believes embryos are morally the same as human beings and she says her twins deserve to be with their siblings.
“I believe it’s what I have to do for the best interests of my family and all of the frozen embryos out there and all of the unborn babies,” McLaughlin said.
The McLaughlins have five adopted children in addition to their newborn twins.
A hearing next week could determine who gets to keep the two fertilized eggs. The clinic has agreed not to do anything until the court rules on custody.
Jen McLaughlin says she'll take this battle all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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