Opening Day holiday should not be in the cards -

Opening Day holiday should not be in the cards

I wasn't even sure I should take this seriously, but I was assigned to talk about it on Awake with News 4 Thursday morning.

Check out  There's a petition effort underway to make Cardinals opening day a STATE holiday.  The idea is to keep people from calling in sick or taking a vacation day to attend the first game of the year.

This makes no sense.  Nearly 6-million people live in Missouri.  Only about 45,000 of them could fit inside Busch Stadium.  Why in the world should we shut down state government for THAT?!  It's not going to happen.

Again, I'm guessing the whole thing is mostly tongue-in-cheek.  At least I hope so.  The start of baseball season is a great time of year.  I'm a huge baseball fan and growing up in Houston I attended a couple of opening days in the Astrodome.  It was always a thrill.  I skipped classes a couple of times in high school to go to games and that was part of the excitement!  I can't imagine the entire state of Texas taking a holiday for THAT (even when the Astros were good)!

If Missouri made Cardinals opening day a holiday, wouldn't Royals opening day have to be one, too?  Where would it stop?

I went out to do some man-on-the-street interviews in downtown St. Louis this morning about this effort.  I talked to five people.  Three thought it was a great idea.  Two of them, who said they were Cardinal fans, thought it was stupid.

It is.

I'm honored however, since my live reports this morning, the number of people who signed the on-line petition has doubled.  Thanks for watching!

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at



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