Condemned house is headache for neighbors -

Condemned house is headache for neighbors

(KMOV) -- The City of Jennings is well aware that 5472 Janet is an eyesore.

An official says the city has sent the homeowners notice after notice, telling them to clean up. Now that the house is just charred pieces of wood, that creates even more problems.

Resident Jewell Edwards lives next door to the property for three years, and that's the exact amount of time she's been trying to get Jennings city leaders to act on the damaged house. "Who wants to stay next door to something like that," she says.

Upon investigation, it turns out that someone at City Hall heard her cry. The city of Jennings has plans to demolish the home in the fall, but as luck would have it, the fire put a damper on those plans.

City leaders will have to start the process all over again - telling the homeowner to tear it down. If they don't, the city will be forced to do it and bill them.

Edwards says she doesn't care who does it. She just wants it down.


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