Vietnamese Spring Rolls -

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

4 oz ground chicken
1 oz of cellophane noodles, diced
1 oz shitake mushrooms, diced
.5 oz woodear mushroom, diced
1 oz fine chopped scallions
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 egg
6 inch spring roll wrappers


Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Thaw spring roll wrappers
Make a slurry of flour and water, thick enough to coat a spoon, to use as a glue.
Take a small spoonfull of chicken mixture and roll inside wrapper using glue to seal sides.  There are many different ways you can roll your spring rolls, refer to the packaging to find the best way for you.
Fry at 350 degrees for 4 minutes until golden brown.
Serve with Thai sweet chili sauce or a dipping sauce of your choice.
The cellophane noodles, dried woodear mushrooms, and spring roll wrappers can be found in any Asian market and some specialty grocers.

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