Sudden cardiac arrest survivors talk, heal and educate -

Sudden cardiac arrest survivors talk, heal and educate

Have you or someone you know ever suffered sudden cardiac arrest but don't know anyone who truly understands?  There's now a place in St. Louis where you can meet people who "get it."

The group is called the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors association.  The chapter in St. Louis just opened, and survivors are looking to recruit new members.  Everyone is invited, and survivors say talking about their near-death experience helped them to heal.

It's like a veterans meeting -- people who have gone to the beach front, endured enemy fire and came out on the other end -- that's what it's like from a survivor's standpoint," Bill Schafer, sudden cardiac arrest survivor, says.

For a lot of patients, an automatic defibrillator is what saved their lives.

"We're trying to get the word out that AEDs in police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, ambulances, places of worship, malls, workplaces, everywhere we can get that survival rate to go from seven percent to maybe 80 or 90 percent," Linda Dickson, sudden cardiac arrest survivor, says.

Anyone can use an automatic defibrillator.  It gives you instructions, so you can use it right on the spot.

For information about the group, call 314.516.2850.

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